Art for Art

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Art for Art

Over the weekend, I traded this painting for a wonderful painting by the artist Victor Perez. Our work is very different, and that’s why the trade was so fun. I got a piece I love, but could have never painted. Victor got a painting from me that he technically could have painted, but probably never would, because that’s just not the way art comes out of him.

I’d like to trade more paintings for more art. Though I’ve sold my work for cash and will continue to, I always struggle when I have to put a numerical value on a piece. I worry that I’m both underpricing and overpricing my work, and neither option feels good. But trading, that’s a different story–I’ve swapped one creation for another, and for my creative labor, I get to reap the benefit of someone else’s. I have no sense of an unfair exchange: Win-win.

Trade, anyone?


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