Thursday, May 19, 2016

Lately I’ve been making some watercolor greeting cards, just for fun, and often to keep me sane during meetings. I like the cards but I don’t take them seriously–I think of them as childlike and somewhat trivial.

Bird Card

Recently I mustered up the kid in me and made a bigger version of the birds on canvas.  It’s a simple painting a child might enjoy. Who knows–maybe an adult, too.


Birds, 30 x 48″

The thing is, the more time I spend with children (and consider starting a family of my own), the more I feel like the trivial one (especially spending so much time in meetings). Meanwhile, the kids in my life see straight through trivialities. They hate sitting still and want nothing more than to feel the simple joy of making stuff, playing outside, and participating fully in life.

Bird Card

They use bright colors and simple shapes in their art.

They get excited when the sun wakes them.

They still love the birds.

Bird Card





  • rachel newcombe

    Your watercolors of the birds are really joyful. They appeal to my analytic sensibilities. Lovely!

  • Anonymous

    I think your watercolor birds are exquisite because they’re childlike, colorful and simple! Have you considered printing them into cards and calendars? I’d be the first customer in line!

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