Dead Palm with Vines

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

My kid is almost three months old, and I finally finished this palm tree.

Dead Palm with Vines 3′ x 5′

Below are the iterations and drafts I tried before I found the painting, or perhaps it found me. Sometimes things take a lot longer than I want them to. I’m glad I didn’t listen to my frustration and give up before I was done.

Where I started…just not a painting I wanted to live with on my wall

Eliminating some noise…
Adding in a different kind of noise while Rowan naps…
Cleaning it up again, but feels too brutalist…
Taking a risk with these leaves, and thinking I’ve probably lost my mind…
Painting all those leaves is a lot of work, and here it’s unclear if any of the work is worth it or if I should just abandon this for good…
But then the image clicked into view and I hummed my way through the rest of it. I like this painting so much more than the original draft. Maybe it was hiding in there all along.


  • Anonymous

    love the rhythms, 10,000% …. gorgeous

  • John P Korb

    This is a wonderful series, Sara. Remember when I came over when you asked for some kind of ‘art lessons’ or something? In my recollection you rejected everything I had to say. I still chuckle – almost like my mom – every time I think of that.
    Thanks for sharing. Nice to see your baby, too.

  • Jonno Bleuderovski Korbytski, IV

    Looking forward to the next installment… !
    By the way, do you still speak French? I thought I remembered you speak French. I am hopeless at French.

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