Flowers 2

Friday, August 1, 2014

flowers 2

Flowers. I’m painting flowers. Why am I painting flowers?

 I should be wary of flowers; lots of people have painted flowers.

Besides, I never much liked paintings of flowers; most flower paintings are boring.

 I’m intimidated by flower paintings that aren’t boring.

 So, why paint flowers?

 Why paint trees? Why paint people, water, clouds, birds, cars, hills, malls, or…?

 Indeed, why paint at all?

 My training in Gestalt therapy urged me away from “Why?” questions.

 “Why?” puts the soul on guard.

 Gestalt taught me to ask questions about what and how and where.

 What are flowers?

 How do I experience the flowers?

 Where are my favorite flowers?

 What do flowers mean to me?

 How do I feel about flowers?

 Where do I feel the flowers growing inside me?

 Painting, however, brings out my fatalist–the one who has heard the news.

 The news, my friends, is not good, and it isn’t getting better.

 Painting brings out the why bothers; painting is a triumph over the why bothers.

 Painting is the what, the how, the where; painting is the now.

 Painting is doing it anyway, doing it while the news drops hard and the bombs drop harder.

 Painting brings out the flowers.


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