Sunday, July 27, 2014


Pictured above is a small area of a much larger painting I hope to finish today. There’s a lot to do–all the branches and trunks need attention, need to be lightened and darkened, need texture and form. If you look closely, you can see places the branches don’t quite align as they pass under others, and black outlines that need slight thinning. Before I can sign it and move on to the next, I must address all areas of irritation.

Today is long work in the trenches, the concentrated minutia that will ultimately make the work shine. It’s also the tiresome work, because the composition is done, and part of me is already finished, too, impatient for the next yet-unknown arrival. I’ve worked on this painting for over three months, losing steam in the final character-building stage. But it’s also in the minutia that I learn commitment, learn to carry a labor of love all the way through.

While I prefer silence early in the painting process, during the minutia phase, I’ll listen to music and podcasts. Time in the trenches may be repetitive, but music and podcasts remind me that others are down there too.

Their signals help me keep at it.


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