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Submerged Path

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Wet Prairie Grass

5′ x 6′

On my last two visits to Payne’s Prairie, the path was submerged, and I couldn’t walk as planned.

Sometimes the way forward, however attractive, is temporarily blocked.

This painting may or may not be done. I like it, but it’s flooded with information. I can’t decide if it’s passable or not.

Perhaps I’ll give it space and return. Perhaps then I can paint in a way that clears the path.

But then again, perhaps the painting is finished: Messy, complicated, and temporarily unpassable.

Like it or not, sometimes life is, too.

Prairie with Lotus

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Prairie with Lotus
40″ x 60″

The prairie is a wild landscape, complex and ever-changing. Lately I’ve been walking it barefoot. These are the shapes and colors it gave me on a recent visit. I don’t know if other people will connect to this painting, but strange as it is, I like it.

The important thing is to keep walking.

Prairie (first draft)

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Yesterday I started a prairie painting. This time of year, wind moves across the prairie and shakes the water, dry grasses, bird feathers, and walkers into a kind of weathered, worshipful submission.

I don’t know how to paint the prairie; artistically, it has always baffled me. Like the overwhelming stimuli of a field, the prairie gives me aesthetic overload. I’m working from memory and feeling, not from photographs, and sketching what imprinted as I stood out there, watching and listening.

Painting has gotten safe lately, and a little formulaic. I need to get lost in a painting, to get in over my head and find my way out. The prairie seems like a good place to not know what I’m doing. It’s too big, wild, and complex to get it all, or get it right. Instead, I’m going to try to let it get me.

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