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I am excited to connect with you!

Sara Nash Counseling in Client Session


you may feel like contacting a counselor means you’ve failed in some way. You might be afraid to confide in someone who is initially a stranger. If you’re new to this or had a bad experience in the past, you don’t know the powerful relief when you are deeply heard, understood, and validated by someone whose only agenda is to support you.

Sara’s presence is like a warm hug, she was the stream of light when I was blinded by darkness. She guided me out of a very chaotic period of my life and helped me find myself and build my strength. To say that she changed my life is an understatement. Very grateful for having her in my life."

- Previous Client


Because people are diverse and life is complicated, I don't believe in quick fixes or formulas...

However, even amidst great difficulty and frustrating patterns, counseling can help you heal and grow.

Sara Nash Counseling About Page Painting

I have been practicing as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor for 17 years.

In 2012, I earned my doctorate in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Florida’s Counselor Education Program.

For a decade before full-time private practice, I was on faculty at the University of Florida’s Counseling and Wellness Center, where I specialized in trauma recovery, crisis intervention, and suicide prevention.

I have trained in and taught a variety of therapies, including gestalt, existential, interpersonal, developmental, and solution-focused counseling.

My Backgroud...

Despite my formal credentials, I have found that ultimately the power of effective counseling lies in being able to gently and honestly approach your pain while nurturing what is intrinsically good, healthy, and whole in you.


More about me...

Most of us, no matter how successful, will at some point be completely overwhelmed by what life throws our way. At these times, we do whatever we can to survive, but sometimes also pick up habits and coping strategies that prove problematic down the road.  


At times, I too have fallen into patterns of numbing, isolating, and avoiding in response to stress and pain. Thankfully, I’ve had excellent counselors who helped me develop self-compassion and find my way into a life that is, while not without challenges, more connected and creative than I ever thought was possible.

I also find a lot of healing in the arts, including dancing, painting, baking, and writing. Therapy is an art form too, albeit a collaborative one, and I love the ways all these threads weave together and inform each other. 


As a breast cancer survivor,

I also know how suddenly we may need to change our roles, responsibilities, and identities. I was diagnosed at the height of my faculty career with a toddler at home.  I’ve had to learn many new tools to soothe my self-consciousness about my changed appearance and the health anxiety that has haunted me as I've rebuilt my world after cancer.
I believe that a good counselor is part therapist, part fellow traveler, and part friend to the soul. I love being with people at their most vulnerable, and seeing the ways we can not just endure but emerge more alive and courageous from our challenges.
I have personally found a lot of peace and inspiration as a self-taught painter. I love the process of making a mess and using my intuition to create, and I blog about the parallels between art-making and life. Although painting isn’t for everyone, I try to help my clients find their own creative outlets for feeling fully.

Dr. Nash helped me navigate through a dark and confusing time in my life, guiding me through the ups and downs with grace. She always made me feel welcome, always listened patiently, always offered a new perspective that helped me pick up the pieces of myself and build me into something new. Her sessions were challenging the way a good workout is— she helps you push yourself to your limit but never beyond, and guides you to the point where you feel appropriately challenged and can grow from it. In working with Dr. Nash, I learned so much about myself and how to regulate my emotions. Invest your time and confide in her— you will not be disappointed!" -Dr. A

I look forward to being with you.

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